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Chapter 11

New Genesis

10:00, March 10, UE 0073

Lowca, Lowca Asteroid field, Battleship Albion

            Nina looked nervously around as she and her twin brother walked down the hall; she wore a long red dress with red lip stick. “Don’t worry.” He whispered gently into her ear, putting an arm around her. “You look great.”

            She blush a little and smiled at him. “Thanks, it’s just so suddenly.” She replied referring to Shinma’s proposal for a date.

            The two of them reached the hanger where Amber and Leon Gonzalez, one of the Albion’s pilots, had been waiting for Andrew. He kissed his sister on the check and hugged her. “You have a good time.” He said with a smile.

            “And you come back alive.” She replied hugging him back. Andrew made his way to Amber and the two kissed deeply before he entered the shuttle with Leon. Amber turned and made her way to Nina to watch the shuttle leave.

            Nina smiled at her. “I still think you two are prefect together.” She said place an arm around her friend.

            Amber blushed a little and brushed her hair out of her eyes. “Thanks.” The shuttle took off and headed towards Airanna.


23:00, March 10, UE 0073

Lowca, Airanna, Joint Stars Empire – Federation Development Base

            The alarms continued to go off as people ran by searching for him. Two guards stop outside the door. “Still no sign of him, sir.” One of them said. They started to open the doors to look in the room and so he hind back inside the vents. The sixteen year old started to craw to the hanger again. He had been trained for this his whole life and now was his chance to prove his worth.

            He was sent to steal the Federation’s new mobile suit know as GPO00 Genesis. He stopped by the hanger and looked through the vent. He saw a mechanic standing, doing nothing near the vents. He came out of the vents and broke the mechanic’s neck and took his uniform. It was so loud and with so many people running around this one man wouldn’t be missed much.

            He looked across the hanger and spotted the gundam on the other side. No doubt the power has been locked down. He spotted what looked like the power supply for the gundam and made his way towards it. He quickly turned on the power charger for the gundam and waited a few seconds. Not turning the charger off, he made his way over to the gundam.

On his way he was stopped by a soldier. “Hey you, how old are you? You look too young to be here.” The soldier said stepping in his way.

            “I’m, nineteen sir.” He said looking into the soldier’s eyes. “I’ve been ordered to make sure there is no power left inside the gundam.”

            “Well then hurry up we wouldn’t want the spy to steal it now do we?” The soldier said slapping him on the back.

            He hurried his way to the gundam and climbed into the clockpit. He brought down the keyboard and started checking the systems and power. Good nobody has drained it yet. He thought as he pulled out a program. He put it into the gundam and instilled it quickly. The computer screen asked him to enter his name and password. He typed in Andrew Redwing then his password. The computer confirmed it and closed the cockpit.

            Andrew powered up the phase shift and the gray mobile suit turned into a blue and white mobile suit. He grabbed the beam rifle placing it on his back where the beam cannon was already at and grabbed the shield then took off before the GM pilots had no time to move. He left the hanger with his new found friend and turned. He raised the beam cannon at the hanger exit.

“Your turn to die now.” He whispered to himself shortly before he fired killing everything and anything inside the hanger. Then he made his way to the Albion. “Redwing here, mission accomplished.” He said flying off into the sunset.


23:10, March 10, UE 0073

Lowca, Lowca Asteroid field, Battleship Albion

            Nina had trouble sleeping that night. She couldn’t stop worrying about her brother. Shinma had been great to her all day, and was lying beside her, but he fallen asleep hours ago, something Nina couldn’t get herself to do. She knew Leon had come back just fine and everyone else was on stand by waiting for the call. She closed her eyes and said another pray, when suddenly the red alert was sounded.

            “All hands to battle stations, repeat all hands to battle stations this is not a drill.”  Brain’s voice came over the intercom. She was out of bed putting on her flight suit before Shinma had fully awakened.

            “Come on.” She said. “It’s time.”  The two of them quickly finished changing and ran to the hanger, where Joanna, Jeremy, Hitomi, Amber, Leon, Cory Myers and Rebecca Grayfox had already been waiting.

            “Alright, Amber and Nina, you’ll be dropping in to support Andrew in the Genesis, the rest of us will assault the best.” Joanna ordered as everyone climbed in. “And remember to come back alive.”

            “Roger.” They said at once. Nina was the first onto the catapult, the lights changed from red to green giving her the all clear. “Nina Redwing, Raven two launching.” The catapult shoot forward tossing her towards the planet’s atmosphere. Amber was right behind her. The two of them then began their reentry hopping to come down right where Andrew was.


23:30, March 11, UE 0073

Lowca, Airanna

            Stellar Yuy’s pursuit team made after the stolen gundam. Her team was mostly made up of GMs but there were a few Ginns with them. She herself, flew the second gundam in the GPO project; the GPO01 Zephyranthes.

“Commander.” One of her pilots said as his image appeared on the screen. “The Genesis is in range.”

“Right lets go get him boys.” Her squad of ten spared out as they all neared the Genesis.

The Genesis turned suddenly, facing the incoming squad. He raised his beam rife and fired, shooting one of the GMs through the cockpit. He moved his aim towards one of the other GMs and fired again, hitting the wing on its flight pack. The GM spun out of control towards the ground, Stellar was unable to tell if the pilot had ejected or not.

“Damn you!” She yelled returning fire. the Genesis easily dogged her shoots as he took out another GM.

            Her heads up display informed her of two more incoming squads to aid her. She smiled when she noticed one of them was Shaun Novak’s squad. Though he didn’t fly a gundam of his own yet, he was a very good pilot.

            The Genesis took out one of the two Ginns and another GM. She couldn’t understand why the pilot of the Genesis was ignoring her. “What, from above?” She looked up in time too see two custom colored Ginns bearing down on her squad.

            “What the hell?!” Then the Genesis finally made a move against her after taking out her other Ginn. He raised his beam cannon and took aim. “Holy…” She evaded hard to the right as he shot barely missing her but hitting the last three GMs. “… Shit.” The Genesis came towards her drawing a beam saber and slashing her left arm off before it joined the two Ginns. The three didn’t finish her off instead just continued on towards the sky.


23:30, March 11, UE 0073

Lowca, Airanna, Joint Stars Empire – Federation Development Base

            Leon shot another GM as he took a step back. “Do as much damage as you can.” Joanna ordered as she fired a rocket at another tower. “We don’t want anyone to follow us out.” She pulled a beam saber and slashed a charging GM in half. 

            “All mobile suits return to the ship.” Brain ordered over the comm.

            “Right, Cory now.” Leon ordered as Cory stepped forward firing a powerful flashing, blinding anyone who was looking and disputing electronic systems. He then turned and joined his allies.

            After everyone had landed Leon made his way into the briefing room where everyone else had already been, congregating Andrew on successfully capturing the Genesis. “Well done, Andrew.” Leon said shaking the young pilot’s hand. “Anyone who had their doubts about you, no longer have them now.” He said with a smile.

            “Thanks.” Andrew replied giving him a nod before joining Amber on the other side of the room.

The door opened as Brain walked through with a grim look on his face. “The Earth Federation and Stars Empire have declared war on the Titan Republic today.” He said after the room quieted down.

“Way to kill the mood cap.” Leon said shaking his head.

Brain smiled softly at him. “I know we aren’t officially part of Titan’s military but I feel obligated to fight for them; I will allow any who wish to leave, to go. “ His gaze changed from Leon to Andrew.

Andrew spoke up first. “Brian, you’ve been a friend to my family in our greatest time of need, and I think I speak for everyone on this ship when I say, If you fight, I’ll fight along side you.”

There were nods all around the room and smiles as the other pilots agreed. “Thank you Andrew.” Brain said with a smile of his own. “Well if we’re all in agreement, We’ve already changed course to meet up with a Zeon-Titan combined fleet, at Titan Colony X-19. There we’ll drop off non-combat personal and any of you who wish to leave.” Brain turned to the door. “But until then we still have some time to celebrate our victory.”

“For Titan!” Leon yelled as Brain began to walk out the room, the other pilots joined in afterwards.


18:30, March 14, UE 0073

Somewhere on the Titan-Stars Empire border, Battleship Albion

            Jessa laid her head gently on Jeremy’s chest as the two cuddled alone in their room. Jeremy smiled as he began to stroke her long brownish red hair. “I’m going to spend every moment I can with you until you depart.

             Jessa sighed. “I’m not leaving Jeremy.” She said softly. “For the past few months I’ve been taking piloting lessons from Cory and Joanna.” She sat up again and looked into his grey eyes. “Now that we have an extra mobile suit I’ve been offered the spot. I’m not letting you go alone this time.”

            Jeremy was a bit taken back and for a few moments sat in silence then a smile crept across his face. “If Joanna believes you to be good enough for the real thing, then so do I.” He kissed her forehead. “And I’ll be with you every battle.”

            She smiled and kissed Jeremy deeply pushing him back onto the bed.


12:00, March 15, UE 0073

Sigma System, Titan Colony Group Side 48

                        The brown hair green eyed Claire Slota sat at her station on the bridge as they dropped out of hyper space. “Receiving message from Admiral Grayfox.”  She said as she turned to face Brain.

            “Put him through.” Brain commanded standing.

            “Ah, Brain, so good for you to join us.” Admiral Grayfox said with a smile. “So good for you to join us.”

            Brain smiled back. “Likewise my old friend.” He said friendly. “We have some non-combatant personal to off load before we are ready to depart.” He replied.

            Admiral Grayfox nodded in reply. “Understood, I was hoping to spend some time with my daughter before we depart anyways, and I know the Zeon commander is looking forward to meeting you.”

            Brain nodded. “Of course.” He said. “See you aboard X-19?”

            “See you there.” The Admiral said before the screen went back to the view of space.

            “Claire, set course to X-19 and take us in.” He said taking his seat.


12:15, March 15, UE 0073

Sigma System, Titan Colony Group Side 48, Colony X-19

            “You take care of Anna alright?” Nina said hugging Julia tightly.

            “Yeah, I will.” Julia said as she hugged just as tightly back. “And you take care of Andrew.”

            Andrew kissed Anna’s check and moved to hug Julia. “Don’t worry; I’ll make sure we all return.” He said gently, kissing Julia’s forehead and turning to Amber and Megan whom had just broke their hug.

Meghan and Andrew regarded each other with a smile before shacking hands. He then pulled her into a hug. “You stay safe too Meghan, you’re really apart of the family now.”

Meghan eyes widen when he spoke. “Thanks Andrew.” She said softly as they broke. Meghan, Julia and Anna all entered the car as Kira Grayfox, Rebecca’s mother and Admiral John Grayfox’s wife drove them to their temporary home.

Amber took Andrew’s arm as they, along with Nina joined Jessa and Jeremy who were waiting at the door.

Brain walked through before they reached it. “I would like to introduce you all to the Zeon Commodore.” He stepped out of the way to allow a woman to step through. Andrew’s and Amber’s eyes went wide as they recognized her.

“Mom…?” Amber said shockingly, as the golden eye and ice blue haired woman smiled at her.

“Hello dear, it’s been quite a while hasn’t it?”

* * *